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Renewables Subject of Electrify Nevada

Monday, a group of renewable energy industry insiders met to discuss the future of Renewable Energy in Nevada. Electrify Nevada, a subsidiary of Electrify America a wholly owned division of Volkswagen America has been working behind the scenes for 5 years since its founding in 2016 to develop and delivery electric car charging stations all across America.

Currently, according to the companies website Electrify America has over 750 charging station and is poised to install another 8. In the city of Las Vegas there are 9 stations and another 2 scheduled to come online.

Las Vegas has long been the proving grounds for new technology. The Hoover Dam in the 1930’s was the nations first and largest hydroelectric dam. Creating the Lake Mead Recreational Area and making for the continued growth of Las Vegas, the nation saw the importance of such an experiment.

We are the home of Nellis Air Force Base and just to our north the nations most important tactical military installation on the planet in Area 15. It’s no wonder that the push for renewable energy is centered on Las Vegas.

The Electrify Nevada meeting set its sights on where best to begin Nevada’s push towards renewable energy use. On the docket were the possibility of transitioning the public transportation fleet which accounts for 37% of all the greenhouse gases produced in our valley. The move would put us well on the way to our goal of eliminating the use of all mid and full sized gas vehicles by the year 2050.

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