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Battleborn Academy Promises a New Look at Learning

For most of the students who live on the Eastside of town, the struggle for education isn’t at the top of their priority list. Emotional trauma, lack of food and services tend to rise to the top rather than reading, writing and arithmetic. 

That’s where Battleborn Academy comes in. The school, headed by Principle Kathy Rudd and Vice Principal Katie Crack, says we want to create an environment where children are leading the discussion on the direction of work and what they would like to learn. 

“We also have a strong focus on social and emotional learning for children. That includes understanding the background of trauma some of our students have said principal Kathy Rudd. I understand the mental health crisis and other concerns, many of our students have and seeing what’s happening at home in a holistic way that brings kids real selves into this building

Unlike other charter schools in the valley, which focus on reading, writing and excellence in arithmetic, Battleborn Academy believes its approach is one that is more holistic for the student. 

So far the school has most of its staff hired, but they are having a rolling application for teachers prioritizing Special Education, English Learner and Spanish speaking candidates. 

They are kicking off serving kindergarten, first, fifth and sixth grades eventually serving K-8 

Principal Rudd says that they know their community is largely students of color, largely students growing up in poverty and are being served traditionally by the school district very well.

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