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Is weather affecting honey production in Las Vegas

As the weather begins to warm up in Las Vegas local orchard owners at Gilcrease Farms have been noticing the impact of the change in the weather on their bee production and subsequently the honey derived from the bees.

Gilcrease Farms, located in the northern part of the Las Vegas valley and has been in production for well over 40 years. You can take a tour during peak season and pick apricots and a variety of other vegetables. 

In addition Gilcrease has several honeybee colonies which produce natural honey unique to our desert valley. It is one of the few places in Las Vegas that produces honey.

When workers were checking this year’s honey production, they noticed they were a little bit behind what they normally would be producing at this time. Many of them attribute this to the dry weather that we are experiencing lately, but have said that once the weather gets back to normal  the honey production should come back pretty quickly.

In addition to honey production here in Las Vegas, there are many more natural wonders that you can see out at Gilcrease Farm. Take a tour on any weekend and enjoy the natural wonders here living in Vegas.

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