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Las Vegas school robotics team asking for help

In a story that can only be described as “out of the mouths of babes” students at Pinecrest Academy Sloan Canyon have qualified to be in the 2022 VEXIQ World Robotics Championship in Dallas, Texas in May. The only problem is getting there.

At Pinecrest they believe in challenging the students to be all they can and in this case what started out as just an experiment to keep the kids busy turned into a real game changer. 

A robotics class that was meant to be just an introduction to the wild world of STEM turned into a series of championships and the children ultimately became eligible for the robotics championships.

This all goes to show that you can never take small beginning for granted. Just when you think nothing can be accomplished by allowing your children to experiment, could turn into a life-changing event. In this case, the children of Pinecrest are laughing all the way to the championships.

If you would care to help these ambitious young people out, follow the link and help them get to Dallas. Click here to donate.

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