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Regulating short-term rentals in Clark County

The stage has been set. On one side property owners and on the other side those who we call short term rental hosts. This week the Clark County Commission was posed with a question of whether or not to continue to allow short term rentals to prosper in Clark County.

At stake are higher property costs for those who have lived here for many years. In addition there is a specter of higher rental prices, which now averages over $1800 here in the State of Nevada.

Short term rentals have been in the news as of late, first in the City of Las Vegas, which saw protests by those in more affluent neighborhoods.Their biggest complaints were about party houses and people who did not care about the neighborhood. Their solution was to legislate short term rentals, so that people who wanted to rent out their home could still do so, but under the auspices of an oversight committee.

Now Clark County is faced with their own short term rental issue. Over the last number of years the value of properties as well as rent rates have gone up precipitously. Many blame short-term rentals which can generate thousands of dollars for a weekend, for the continued rise in the living costs here in Las Vegas. 

We will keep an eye on this story as it continues to unfold, but to be sure the final word has not been said about short term rentals here in Clark County.

Sherman Ray

Executive Producer, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Expert

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