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Where Does Las Vegas Begin and End?

This is a question that comes up often. Where is Las Vegas and is the Las Vegas Strip actually in Vegas? Well it can really be confusing but there is a simple answer to what are the boundaries of Las Vegas. The secret lies in the smaller towns that lie on the boundaries of Las Vegas.

When the City of Las Vegas was founded in 1905, it began in what is known as the Downtown area. There were several parcels of land that went up for sale which formed the foundation of the City of Las Vegas. Within a few years, as the population of the city grew, it became necessary to enlarge the footprint of the town.

Years later the small town had become a major city, one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and the home to Las Vegas Raiders, but no one ever considered all of these new unincorporated towns were anything else than Las Vegas but they weren’t.

Officially, the Las Vegas Strip is not located in the City of Las Vegas. It is located just in the town of Winchester. Yes that’s right. That means the Fabulous Welcome to Las Vegas actually isn’t located in the City of Las Vegas.

It’s all about Incorporated and Unincorporated areas.

What are the unincorporated areas of Las Vegas?

Winchester, Enterprise, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor and Whitney, which are often mistakenly thought to reside within Las Vegas city limits, are actually unincorporated towns within Las Vegas Township.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – May 13, 2019: Fremont East District of Las Vegas at dawn. It is among the most famous streets in the Las Vegas Valley.

There are three incorporated “cities” in Las Vegas Valley: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. The rest of the Las Vegas area is officially unincorporated; Clark County provides government and municipal services to the county residents, while the cities take care of their own.

Yes it can be very confusing but it’s important to know. When you’re thinking of all the fun you’re going to have once you pass through the mountain range leading into the Las Vegas Valley, you are in Vegas. And that’s why we love Livin in Vegas.

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