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Area Craft Breweries Feeling Aluminum Crunch

 Local area craft breweries are feeling the crunch in the rise of aluminum prices in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and shortages in China.

Las Vegas has seen a surge in craft breweries in the last few years. But with this new demand comes new pain. With that surge of outlets for craft beer, has come an even larger demand for craft beer in aluminum cans. 

According to local Brewer’s like  Amanda Payan of North 5th Brewery Co. in North Las Vegas her costs have gone up 35 to 40%. She attributes these rise in prices due to the pandemic and shortage of supply coming out of China who supplies so much of the world’s aluminum cans.

As demands continue to rise it is only a matter of time before local brewers will be forced to pass on those rising costs to consumers. One solution according to brewers is for customers to physically come into the breweries and order drinks by the glass. 

Even glass bottled beer is more expensive because glass is so much more expensive but with no slow down in sight  aluminum cans of beer and their prices are bound to go up.

Sherman Ray

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