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Secret of Siam found innocent ‘no criminal intent

As many of you may recall customers of Secret of Siam, the Asian restaurant in Chinatown suffered a major incident when over a dozen of them complained of feeling as though they had slipped drugs into their food, after reporting feeling awkward. 

Over a dozen people complained of feeling as though they had been eating marijuana after the food they ate from the Asian restaurant. The health department was called and a subsequent investigation was conducted by the Metropolitan Police department and the Health Department here in the City of Las Vegas. 

After a thorough review, which took several weeks, the report exonerated Secret of Siam for intentionally trying to put drugs in the orders of their customers. The report went on to say the most likely culprit was a third party vendor. 

At least one of the people affected by the tainted food, said he planned on filing a lawsuit against the long time restaurant located in Chinatown. He was quoted as saying he still was suffering the ill effects of the food tampering and planned on filing a lawsuit.

Secret of Siam continues to stay closed since the incident occurred. Let’s hope they reopen soon.

Sherman Ray

Executive Producer, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Expert

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