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5 Building Blocks of Lovin and Livin a Healthy Vegas Lifestyle

By Sean Taples, Heath and Fitness Guru

Staying healthy, while staying active can be a balancing act, which most of us unfortunately lose. During a 24 hour day, there are so many critical projects, commitments and deadlines pulling us in twenty separate directions. Not surprisingly, all of these normal life appointments occur before breakfast. 

It is important to take steps to stay healthy, even when your lifestyle is crazy. Let’s take a look at some proven ways, our Health and Fitness Guru, Sean Taples contributed, to not only balance work and home/health life, but if we are focused, help us  to build healthy habits into a Lovin and Livin in Vegas Lifestyle.


One of the 5 Building Blocks to Lovin and Livin a Healthy Vegas Lifestyle is exercise. A body in motion is like a machine burning calories, producing chemicals needed for muscle growth and most importantly, metabolizing correctly under pressure.

In most cases, just keeping up with the amount of calories we intake on a daily basis is enough to keep our bodies from gaining weight. The average person needs to burn around 2500 calories for men and 2000 calories for women.

A calorie deficit of 500 calories per day is effective for healthy and sustainable weight loss. Eliminating sugary beverages, consuming mostly minimally processed foods like fruits and vegetables, and eating home-cooked meals can help you reach a calorie deficit without calorie counting.

Choosing an exercise routine that is exciting for the moment isn’t sustainable. Decide on a routine that you can maintain on a weekly basis, doesn’t tear up too many muscles and you really love being involved in.

Personally, I ride a road bicycle 4 or 5 times a week. After running for many years I found it an excellent way of keeping in shape. One of the bonuses of cycling is on the weekends, I ride with a small group of friends. It’s our group form of recreation. Even on long rides it is incredibly enjoyable because I’m with friends and we love catching up with each other.

Whatever the exercise you choose, it should be sustainable, encouraging and if possible can be connected with a support group. Exercise is much more fun if you have friends to share it with.


Each of our bodies is unique and requires vitamins specific to our physique to keep our muscles vigorous. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to get all the vitamins you need solely out of the foods we consume. The USDA recommends eating five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day. What? What if you are one of those people who just doesn’t like fruits or vegetables. Are you out of luck? 

Supplements to the rescue: These potent pills, powders or shakes  are a good choice to add vitamins into a vitamin deficient menu.

Recently there has come on the market a line of vitamin replacement products that look promising. “Balance of Nature” promises to provide you with all of the vitamins and minerals of a complete and balanced diet in 3 capsules a day. 

Food Choices

Face it, when you live in Vegas, with its fabulous choices of world famous buffets, epic level nightlife and 5 Star Michelin restaurants it can be challenging to find healthy choices. So how do you find healthy food choices, in a city where the emphasis is on taste, and not so much on food value? 

Let’s first look at eating out, and then we’ll give you some tips on finding healthy choices when eating on the run. It is possible to find food in Vegas that is healthy for you, it just takes some searching.

Most menus, whether they are in Michelin restaurants or fast food gourmet buffets  have vegetables or non-processed food choices. It is a temptation to opt for the French custards, sauces and sweets, but if you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, sugar-laden sweets should be a danger sign. 

Casinos and restaurants make their living on two things, 1. Delivering entertainment in the form of gambling or shows 2. enticing customers to purchase food which tastes awesome but this is a big butt, those same items aren’t necessarily good for your waistline.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid colorful foods with oily buttery sauces. They may taste great but will come back to ruin a great diet.

Wash Your Hands

In 2020, America and the world were attacked by the CoronaVirus. This particular virus has proven to be spread in large part by contact. Washing your hands is a simple, yet effective means of helping stop the spread of the coronavirus. Seems simple, but reminding yourself to practice good personal hygiene is easier said than done.

Taking definite steps to washing your hands, cleaning surfaces and practicing common sense personal hygiene can go a long ways in keeping down the spread of germs. Besides it is just good hygiene.


Long days full of meetings, and deadlines are bound to wear anyone down. The best and easiest remedy for a weary mind, body and soul is REST. Getting plenty of rest at the end of the day is a must, and should be a part of your healthy livin plan.

Data shows, most people require at least 8 hours of sleep a day. This means being deliberate in getting the rest required to work at peak performance levels during your busy day.

The temptation, as always is to stay out late with your buddies, and party hardy til the DJ pulls the plug. Let me fill you in on a little secret. The most successful people in the world, found out they needed to discipline themselves, if they wanted to get to where they intended. In this case, staying healthy requires plenty of rest, eating the right foods and taking care of your most important asset, YOU!

Here’s to your health, as you implement these simple yet specific Lovin and Livin a Healthy Vegas Lifestyle. Be sure and let us know which ones worked the best for you.

Sherman Ray

Executive Producer, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Expert