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Demand for e-bikes increasing amid high gas prices in Las Vegas

As worries in Ukraine continue and inflationary numbers continue to go through the roof, the price of gas continues to climb. Here in the City of Las Vegas we are experiencing historic fuel prices. 

While the rest of the country is at historic numbers, Las Vegans are increasingly turning their attention to alternate methods of getting around including E-bicycles. Those motorized electric bicycles are quickly becoming all the rage in Las Vegas.

One store owner said that three or four weeks ago, they started experiencing more and more customers coming into the store. We are literally talking to every single customer about the cost of fuel said Jordan Clark, owner of Pedego in Henderson, Summerlin and a brand new shop in Lake Las Vegas. 

One customer said that he was 330 pounds. He didn’t know if the bike could hold him but he went to talk to the salesperson and said no problem and he was hooked.

As fuel prices continue to climb electric vehicles and especially e-bicycles may become the norm here in Las Vegas. In addition, our community base is changing due to the influx of people from neighboring California.

Our climate is among the best in the country, with 331 days of sunlight and only a few months out of the year where the temperature gets so hot that staying outdoors for any length of time begins to be uncomfortable.  For the vast majority of the year, Las Vegas is the perfect place with the best climate on the planet.

I myself ride a bicycle each and every morning for exercise and other than the occasional days when it’s fairly cold in the mornings, I find riding a bicycle is the best means of transportation especially when you have so many things available to you in your local area.

Convenience is key to having a community that commutes more often. Communities like the downtown area are perfect for the commuter. There is a balance of work and play all in the same area, so that even walking is a great alternative.

Sherman Ray

Executive Producer, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Expert

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