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Vegas Knight Hawks bring economic boost to Green Valley Ranch

Two men in motion, 50 yard field and pads on the side of the walls. This all describes the latest sports franchise to hit Las Vegas Valley. 

The Vegas nighthawks opened up their exhibition their official season to a capacity crowd at the Dollar loan Center in Henderson Nevada near the District area.

Team owner, Bill Foley was asked how he felt about the expansion teams inaugural debut, his reply was “this is fantastic”. Not only has the team been able to garner the support of local fans but it has done more to breathe new life into the district area off of Green Valley Parkway.

New bars shops and businesses which were waiting for something to happen have found a breath of fresh air as the nighthawks begin their maiden season.

Just as when the Vegas Golden Knights began their home stand people came from all over the desert southwest to enjoy the spectacle of hockey in the desert. 

The new indoor football league is proving to be more than just a passing fad but has already established a fan base which can only spell success for the night hawk nation.

Vegas has become the sports Mecca locals have been dreaming about for decades. The addition of the Vegas nighthawks is just one more feather in the cap for a city built on entertainment and now overflowing with sports.

Sherman Ray

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